Workflow Management Platform within the Institute of Financial Studies



The Institute of Financial Studies Foundation, hereinafter referred to as ISF, announces the organization of the procurement procedure for the workflow management platform within the Institute of Financial Studies.


The technical offer and the financial offer will be drawn up in compliance with the documentation on “Technical and functional specifications for the workflow management platform”.


Type of procurement applied: request for offer / invitation to negotiate; valid bidders will be invited to discuss the submitted bid.


The criterion applied for establishing the winning bid: The most technically and economically advantageous bid.


Method applied for determining the winning bid: selection of bid / direct negotiation


Deadline for submission of bids: 22.12.2017, 12.00.


The way of transmitting the offers: by depositing in a sealed envelope, at the ISF headquarters from Popa Petre street, no. 24, sector 2, Bucharest.


Submission of tenders: The tender will include the following documents:

Technical offer;

Financial offer.





Regarding the preparation of the bid for the acquisition of the online examination platform, the bidder must give maximum importance to understanding the workflows related to the ISF activity, respectively identifying the technical and functional requirements of a new IT system that will include aspects of the ISF activity.


Economic operators interested in this acquisition can request the documentation on "Technical and functional specifications for the workflow management platform", and will be invited to discussions with representatives of the ISF, in order to ensure a good understanding of the ISF's work and expectations related to this project.


The technical and functional specifications and the attached documents are collected from the ISF headquarters (24 Popa Petre Street), based on a signed and stamped power of attorney.


Contact person Aura Fătu, e-mail:; phone