La nivel internaţional, Institutul de Studii Financiare este:

The Institute of Financial Studies has concluded a partnership with the Romanian Board of Insurance-Reinsurance Brokers (PRBAR) in order to develop the professional skills of PRBAR members by identifying the training needs of PBAR members, organizing events in partnership, developing personalized training programs, at high quality standards, as well as support in obtaining international certifications for stakeholders.

The Institute is a member of the Sectoral Committee Finance, Banking, Insurance, contributing to the development of educational standards and programs coordinated by the National Council for Qualification and Vocational Training of Adults.


LOMA Accredited Partner. Starting with January 2017, the Institute of Financial Studies became an academic member of LOMA, an international organization dedicated to the financial services and insurance industry.

Since 2009, the Institute is an active member of the EFICERT European Financial Certification Organization. EFICERT acts to standardize European certifications on the basis of national qualifications in accordance with well-defined standards. Starting with 2011, the Institute became a member of the EFICERT board of directors, and in 2015 it organized the EFICERT General Meeting in Romania.

For the Chartered Insurance Institute (UK) and for the American Institute for CPCU (USA).

The title was awarded to the Institute of Financial Studies (ISF) by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) starting with July 2016, being the only accredited partner for Romania, as can be seen on the partner's website. The accredited partner of CISI is an essential feature of the quality assurance requirements in vocational training in the financial field, and the purpose of this partnership is to enable suppliers to demonstrate compliance with the quality requirements of CISI, which is one of the leading international professional bodies for professionals operates in the field of financial investments. CISI recommends only those training providers that it accredits, and these are the only training providers listed on the official CISI website.

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