Financial-non-banking concepts


The implementation, by the Ministry of Education, of the "Economic and financial education" subject in the 8th grade, starting with the 2020-2021 school year, has generated the need to develop specific materials to the financial markets with a modern content, built to acquire skills and competencies.

The lack of a base of teaching materials and collections of exercises for this subject led to the Institute of Financial Studies' initiative to create a synthesis of useful information for current and future clients, who use financial services and products, or for anyone who wishes to become familiar with concepts of capital market, insurance, private pensions.

In the context of the organization, by IFS, of the program accredited by the Ministry of Education for the teaching stuff who teaches this subject in the gymnasium cycle, a team of methodist teachers came together to create a set Guide for teachers - Financial-non-banking concepts and Collection of applications in the financial-non-banking field, attractive for schoolchildren but also for anyone who wants to discover the basic concepts of these fields.

The materials include references to institutions and companies operating in the insurance, private pensions and the capital market; the main products / financial instruments used on the Romanian market, specific mechanisms as well as specifications of the consumer's relationship with non-banking institutions.