The course contains useful information, although I am not a beginner in the field (15 years old), I learned many interesting things. I'm glad I went through this course, the little concrete tips for each student mattered a lot. A complex, detailed course, but easy to assimilate. ” Gheorghe SAVU - Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari

"Regarding the ISF course, I appreciate that it was very interesting, especially due to the fact that it focused more on practical practice. On this occasion I managed to fill in some gaps related to the estimates made in the WG." Mihai CHIRIMBUTA - Groupama

“Although for a long time minutes have been issued from the WG, in the professional manner in which you made the presentation, we remembered a few things, but most importantly, we found out the latest news. Congratulations, thank you! ” - Alexandru DOMNITEANU - Groupama

"Thank you for the information provided. They were really useful for me to learn a new currency calculation system. I especially like the fact that the associated parts from the manufacturers are immediately visible when they are selected for replacement. The interface is friendly and I need exercise to be able to use it at its true value. ”Adrian Marius COTFAS, Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari