The regulation for conducting the graduation exam for regulated persons in the capital market is the basis for the professional certification of operators, specialists and investment consultants working in the financial instruments and investments sector.

The Regulation is applied by ISF, within the professional certification process, in its capacity of Vocational Training Body certified by the Financial Supervision Authority respectively by a certified NBR Supplier, in compliance with the provisions:

- Regulation no. 12/2010 on the professional training of operators and specialists for the capital market;

- A.S.F./B.N.R. no. 14/7/2018 on the provision of investment services and activities on behalf of financial investment services companies and credit institutions, consolidated.

The exams for the certification of these professionals are organized:

- at the gym, within 30 working days from the completion of the professional training course conducted by the Vocational Training Center within ISF;

- online, available for investment consultants, through the ISF Platform, on Mondays and Wednesdays (except for legal days declared free) between 09:00 and 16:00.

The registration of the candidates for the examination sessions is done exclusively through the Platform of the Institute of Financial Studies. For a good knowledge of the regulations as well as the use of the Institute of Financial Studies Platform in the certification process, we recommend you to consult the documents below respectively the User's Guide of the Institute of Financial Studies Platform_candidate user or the User's Guide as the case.