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The Institute of Financial Studies, with the Financial Supervisory Authority and the Bucharest Stock Exchange as institutional partners, are pleased to invite you to the European Conference on Financial Services ECFS 2024 Digitisation & Sustainability in the Financial Sector - Regulations and Best Practices, 8th Edition, 28-29 March 2024, in Brasov, Qosmo Hotel.

Digitisation and sustainability are two particularly important themes in the evolution of the financial sector in the modern era. While digitisation brings with it technological innovations that change the way financial business is conducted, sustainability is becoming increasingly central, reflecting the need to address the challenges of climate and environmental change and to promote sustainable and ethical economic development.

In the context of digitisation, financial institutions are under pressure to adapt quickly to new technologies and improve their services to meet the demands of a digitally connected world. This involves implementing fintech solutions, using artificial intelligence to analyse financial data, developing digital payments and more. Regulations in this area need to keep pace with technological change and to ensure a secure and transparent environment for online financial transactions.


On the other hand, mainstreaming sustainability in the financial sector requires responsible investment practices, the financing of projects with a positive environmental and community impact, as well as transparent reporting on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) performance. Regulations and best practices in this regard aim to ensure that financial activities contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals and to the management of risks associated with climate change and other sustainability issues.

Currently in its 8th edition, the European Conference on Financial Services (ECFS) is a prestigious event that brings together financial industry leaders, regulators and experts from across Europe to discuss trends and challenges in the financial sector.

The event will focus on the importance of adapting to the digital age and integrating sustainability factors into all aspects of financial activity.


The topics of this year's event include among others:

  1. The impact of digitisation on financial services: opportunities and threats
  2. The role of regulation in promoting financial sector sustainability
  3. Health, life, housing insurance and the presence of insurers in the capital market
  4. ESG in finance: trends and best practices
  5. Transparency and sustainability reporting in the digitised financial industry
  6. Green finance and responsible investment in the digital age
  7. Collaboration between financial institutions and authorities to establish a more sustainable financial sector
  8. Financial education and sustainability awareness: how can they be integrated in the digital age?


Organising committee

  • Prof. Marian SIMINICĂ PhD., University of Craiova; General Manager, Institute of Financial Studies, Bucharest;
  • Cătălin CÂMPEANU, Deputy Director Institute of Financial Studies, Bucharest;
  • Prof. Raluca Georgiana LĂDARU PhD., Bucharest University of Economic Studies; Institute of Financial Studies, Bucharest;
  • Ieronim ŞTEFAN, Institute of Financial Studies, Bucharest;




Please complete the registration form by Thursday 21 March, 12: 00pm. After this time no more registrations can be made. 

Event Agenda

See the detailed Agenda HERE


Thursday, March 28th 2024     


1.30- 2:00 P.M.

Registration of participants


Moderator Cătălin CÂMPEANU Deputy Director ISF   


        2.30 P.M. –

        4.30 P.M. 

The session includes a debate on continuing professional development, the need for certification of people working or seeking to work in non-bank financial markets and the role of financial education. The debate is attended by representatives of policy makers, professional associations, practitioners and other stakeholders.

A.S.F. representative - Simona DOBRICĂ

AAF representative - Jan Pricop, Executive Director

UNSAR representative - Octavian COSENCO, Board Member, BCR Asigurări de Viață

UNSICAR Representative - Rodica FUICU, Vice-President

PRBAR Representative - Ștefan Prigoreanu, President

Information Security Specialist - Mircea Șcheau

Partners Representatives (SILVER) 




Academic Panels

          2.00-3.30 P.M.

3.30-5.30 P.M.






10:30-11:00 - Welcome coffee



          11.00 A.M.-1.30                    P.M.



Session in which special guests address topics related to digitisation, sustainability, financial education and continuing financial education in the context of the current multiple crises.


OPENING SPEECH: Gabriel AVRĂMESCU, First Vice-President of the Financial Supervisory Authority;

Sorin MITITELU, Vice-President, Insurance-Reinsurance Sector, Financial Supervisory Authority;

Prof. Daniel Ștefan ARMEANU, Vice-President, Private Pensions Sector, Financial Supervisory Authority;

George-Cristian TUȚĂ, Deputy, Chestor of the Chamber of Deputies, Romanian Parliament;

Acad. Lucian ALBU, President of the ISF Scientific Council;

Prof. Ionela COSTICĂ, Prorector Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest;

Prof. Daniel BREAZ, Rector "1 Decembrie 1918" University of Alba Iulia;

Daniela SECARĂ, Member of the Board of Directors Bucharest Stock Exchange;

Horia GUSTĂ, President of AAF, Association of Fund Managers

Alexandru CIUNCAN, President and Director General of UNSAR;

Dorel DUȚĂ, President of UNSICAR;

Ștefan PRIGOREANU, President of PRBAR;

Partners Representatives (PLATINUM, GOLD);

Valentin IONESCU, President of the Board of Directors, Institute of Financial Studies;






Presentations of scientific papers (.pdf or .ppt format) to be held during this event shall be submitted by 22 March 2024 to: Selected articles will be published in the Journal of Financial Studies No 16/2023. For the purpose of entering these papers into the review process, the final version shall be submitted in English according to the drafting requirements until April 5th 2024, via e-mail to the address:



Confirmation of participation/ abstract submission: 7th of March 2024 - to

Presentation submission (.pdf, .ppt): 22nd of March 2024 - at

Submission of final paper for publication: 5th of April 2024 - to

call for papers