Institute of Financial Studies: 500 high school teachers will benefit from free financial education courses


At the end of March of this year, the Institute of Financial Studies Foundation obtained, based on the Order of the Minister of Education and Research no. 3559 / 29.03.2021, the accreditation of the continuous professional training program addressed to the pre-university teaching staff, named “Training of teaching staff in pre-university education in the non-banking financial field (FinTTT)”. The target group of this program is represented by 500 high school teachers from all over the country who will benefit, during May-September 2021, from free continuing education courses in financial education, free of charge.


FinTTT is part of the category of continuing vocational training programs provided by the Institute of Financial Studies Foundation for all segments engaged in the non-banking financial market, in the format of a course targeting middle school teachers who teach Social Education.


As a provider of ANC accredited training programs, certified by ASF, the Institute of Financial Studies Foundation, in partnership with the Financial Supervision Authority, has developed a 60-hour training program, in compliance with the principles and quality standards of the process. educational. By completing this accredited program for a period of 4 years, graduates will receive 15 continuing education credits.


In this sense, the FinTTT program has as general goal the improvement of the level of financial education among teachers - influential people among students - through a coordinated effort at national level, which will ensure the achievement of the main strategic objectives of improving the financial well-being of the population. by increasing the level of financial education.


The program, to be implemented starting with May 2021, is addressed to teachers who will teach in the class the subject Social Education for the 8th grade, respectively the part that addresses the non-banking financial market, the program including the modules:


Consumer and personal budget management,

Savings products - insurance and private pensions,

Investment products - the capital market

The program will provide participants with access to training sessions in the classroom (depending on the health conditions during the organization of the sessions) and online, study materials (textbooks, online collections of tests, videos, assessment tools, applications and other teaching tools ), as well as evaluation methods, respecting the standard principles of the evaluation process.


During the program, both synchronous online sessions will be organized through the ZOOM application, respectively access to training materials will be granted on the online platform of the organizer. At the same time, during the 60 hours of professional training, the participants will benefit from the support of specialized trainers through consultation sessions.


Interested teachers can register in the list of participants by completing and submitting the registration form together with the certificate attesting the teaching of the subject Social Education, in the 8th grade, issued by the educational unit in which they work.


The number of participants is limited to 25 people, in the order of registration.