20 July 2021





ASE Bucharest in partnership with the Institute of Financial Studies announces the 2021 Admission session for master programs, between July 23 and 27, including for the Master's program in Actuarial Techniques - 16th series.


The TACT master's program is the only specialist study program that offers recognition for 3 of the 6 core examinations from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the UK.


The program takes place modularly, between 18.00 and 21.00, and also benefits from the presence of market experts - insurance, investments, risk management.


NEW! Admission to this program is entirely online, on the page admitere.ase.ro. The registration is done in the order of the scores obtained at the interview - an oral test based on a specific topic (quite limited - about 50 pages)


For more details: master@isf.ro


The master's program in Actuarial Techniques (TACT) is organized based on the partnership of ASE Bucharest and the Institute of Financial Studies with the support of the Romanian Actuarial Association since 2005, which resulted in 15 series, the degree of employability being 95%.


About the TACT program:


- Target group: people working in financial institutions


- 15 series of graduates


- Discrepancy between the demand and supply of actuaries (staff fluctuations, legal provisions)


The program is intended for people working in the departments of actuarial, risk management, underwriting, product development, investments (portfolios, financial analysis).


Admission 2021


• Interview based on specific topics - Insurance and Private Finance.


• File-based applications


• The final grade takes into account the average license and the interview grade


• For more details visit the Master Admissions page