In recent decades, new technologies in the automotive field have permanently contributed to reducing the number of accidents on the roads, but also to increasing the safety of car travel. Moreover, the symbiosis between the technical performance of the car and the ability of people to react in extreme traffic situations, to drive the car in a preventive, prudent, predictable and responsible manner becomes essential in the century of information technology.


After the seat belt, airbag, ABS, EBD, ESP, eCALL and other such technological innovations that have revolutionized the automotive world over time, today we are witnessing a new challenge designed to take road safety standards to a higher level and reduce the number and effects of road accidents. It is about telematics technology, a modern technique for remote transmission of information on driver behavior but also a technology with a possible wide applicability in the insurance industry.


In this context, the Romanian Motor Insurers' Bureau and the Institute of Financial Studies organize the Conference "Traffic safety - an achievable goal" on March 5, 2018, starting with 9:00 at the Sheraton Hotel, in Bucharest.


The event brings together specialists from the Financial Supervisory Authority, representatives of the insurance market and specialized state institutions.


The topics of debate proposed to the guests are:

• Telematics - technologies with an impact on road safety?

• How could the behavior of drivers be well influenced by telematics?

• Modern repair methods

For more details on registration, we are at your disposal - email:, contact person Andreea Petrache.




09.00-09.30 Welcome coffee
09.30 – 10.00 Opening word

Leonardo BADEA - President, Financial Supervisory Autority
Cornel COCA CONSTANTINESCU - Vice President, Financial Supervisory Autority
Road safety
Mădălin ROȘU - President, Romanian Motor Insurers Office
Tomorow's challenges



Moderator: Sorin Pâslaru, Ziarul Financiar



Mihai TECĂU - Member of the Board of Directors, UNSAR

Călin MATEI - Deputy General Manager, Groupama Asigurări

Gabriel OPREA - General Manager, Mobileye

Olliver OLABINRI - CoFondator, Chat2it Ltd              

1. Improve Accurate Driver & Assessment & Scoring
2. Inovative GPS Solutions
3. Cost & Benefits of the telematics device


Interactive panel

Mădălin ROȘU - President, Romanian Motor Insurers Bureau

Mihai TECĂU - Chairman of the Board, Omniasig VIG

Călin MATEI - Deputy General Manager, Groupama Asigurări

Victor SRAER - Member of the Board of Directors, UNSICAR


11.30-11.50 Coffee break



Moderator: Constantin Rudnitchi, RFI


Live demonstration - Ionuț IORDAN - VRM Sales Manager Henkel




Police Quaestor Florentin BRĂCEA - Traffic Police Director, IGPR

Cătălin CODESCU - President, Association of Victims of Traffic Accidents

Mihaela CIRCU - Project Manager, APPA

Be the Steering Wheel

Alexandru GRIGORESCU - Car Section Specialist, UNSAR

Identify citizens' opinions on the level of safety perceived in road traffic


Interactive panel

Călin RANGU - Director, Financial Supervisory Authority

Viorel VASILE - President, PRBAR

Silviu MORARU - Defensive management specialist

Police Commissioner Bogdan CHIRIAC - IGPR-ICPC








Leonardo BADEA
Financial Supervisory Autority


Mr. Leonardo Badea has been the President of the Financial Supervision Authority since June 2017. With almost 20 years of experience in the field of economic university education, Mr. Badea was vice-rector of the University of Wallachia in Targoviste and dean of the Faculty of Economics within the same educational institutions. He obtained consecutively a senator and a deputy in the Romanian Parliament, holding the positions of Secretary of the Committee on Budget - Finance, Banking and Capital Market in the Senate and Chairman of the Committee on Budget - Finance in the Chamber of Deputies. Mr. Leonardo Badea is a doctor in accounting from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and a graduate of the Post-Doctoral School of Economics of the Romanian Academy. He is also a member of the European International Business Academy ”(EIBA) and a Member of the Center for International Development Studies and Economic and Social Movements (CEDIMES). Mr. Badea has a strong activity in the editorial and scientific councils of economic publications, being editor of the scientific council of the "Journal of Accounting, Finance add Auditing Studies" in Turkey, editor of the scientific council of the "Wallachian Journal of Economics Studies", CNCSIS B + and member of the editorial board of "Theorethical and Applied Economics", CNCSIS B +.

Vice President
Financial Supervisory Autority

Mr. Cornel Coca Constantinescu, Vice President of ASF is the representative of the authority within BoS (Board of Supervisors) of EIOPA, previously held multiple positions in the financial field, the most recent being the Vice President / Member of the Board of Directors ROMEXTERRA Bank; Administrator - MKB ROMEXTERRA Insurance Broker, MKB Fleet Management SRL; General Manager - MKB ROMEXTERRA Leasing IFN SA and LEASING DANUBIUS. Doctor in economics, in the field of currency - credit, ASE, Bucharest; expert accountant, Body of Authorized Accounting Experts from Romania. Multiple specializations in numerous profile courses at: George Washington University USA, Bocconi University in Milan, National Institute of Economic and Accounting Techniques Paris, University of Reading U.K.

Mădălin ROȘU
Romanian Motor Insurers Bureau - BAAR

 Mr. Mădălin Roșu is currently a member of the board of directors of one of the largest insurance companies in Romania, Omniasig VIG. Coordinates digital development actions, litigation, operations and divisions at Omniasig. Prior to joining Omniasig, he worked as a complaints director at Generali. He has over 18 years of experience in the insurance field, most of the time in claims. He works in several entities in the field of insurance in Romania, such as UNSAR, where he acts as head of the car insurance section. Starting with 2017, he is also the president of the National Bureau of Motor Insurers in Romania (BAAR). He is also involved at European level in insurance-related activities and is a member of the accreditation team in EFICERT (European Financial Certification Organization). He shares his knowledge and offers support in Romania, where, for example, he has acted in the past as a lecturer in the Insurance Management Institute. He also defined the occupational standard for claims inspectors.


Chairman of the Management Board - Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group

Mr. Mihai Tecau started his career in 1996, within an insurance company in the market. The next stages in his career took place in management positions within the Insurance Supervisory Commission. He joined BCR Asigurări VIG (currently OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group) in 2006, as Chairman of the Management Board, a position he still holds.



Police Quaestor Florentin BRĂCEA

Road Directorate within IGPR
Chat2it Ltd

 Mr. Babas Olabinri has extensive experience in the field of telematics, in initiating and establishing a good practice for the safe use of vehicles for the international oil company, consulting on the implementation of insurance policies based on use and many other aspects of Telematics. He holds a US patent (under EU patent) for car communications. This contractor is now promoting its unique Telematics-based disruptive vehicle communication tool as a solution to distracted driving.

Financial Supervisory Autority

Mr. Călin Rangu has a double degree in economics and engineering, doctor in neural networks applied in financial series processing, MBA graduate in financial-banking, university lecturer at the Financial - Banking University, National University of Political Studies and Administration, MBA Lecturer for City University of Seattle. He has published over 100 articles and two books, being an organizer or speaker at major Romanian conferences related to consumer protection, alternative dispute resolution, the financial-banking sector, IT, operational risk management, or management and processes. He currently holds the position of Director - Directorate for the Supervision of Intermediaries and Rules of Conduct, former director of the Directorate for Consumer Protection within ASF. He has extensive experience in management, financial-banking system, operational risks, IT and financial services, products and technologies, marketing. He has over 13 years of experience as a director / CIO in the National Bank of Romania and Raiffeisen Bank, being the general manager of the Romanian branch of Raiffeisen Informatik Austria Group.


Deputy Director
Groupama Asigurări

President PRBAR
CEO Safety Broker

Mr. Viorel Vasile has over 19 years of experience in the insurance field. For 7 years he held the position of General Manager of Forum Asigurări. In 2005 he founded the company Safety Broker de Asigurări, today the leader of the brokerage market in Romania, whose CEO is over 12 years old. Since 2017 he is a Founding Member and President of the first Board of Trustees of Reinsurance Insurance Brokers in Romania (PRBAR). He graduated in 1999, from the Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchanges, specialization Finance - Insurance.




Victor Sraer

Member Board

Mr. Victor Șraer is 39 years old and is the founder and general manager of Otto Broker. He graduated from the Faculty of International Economic Relations - Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and numerous domestic and international courses in the fields of Communication, Management and Sales. He has over 18 years of experience in the field of insurance, since December 2011 he is a member of the Board of Directors of UNSICAR. In 2001, at the age of 23, Mr. Șraer was the founder of Otto Broker.

Otto Broker is currently the largest employer in insurance brokerage in Romania, with a team of over 115 people. The company operates retail and corporate insurance brokerage. Otto Broker has created a successful business model for selling retail insurance in shopping malls, and in the corporate insurance sector has developed a team specializing in commercial credit insurance, contractual guarantees and optimization of insurable risk management programs.


Police Commissioner Bogdan CHIRIAC
Institute for Crime Research and Prevention

Mr. Chiriac Bogdan, Police Commissioner at the Institute for Crime Research and Prevention - I.G.P.R., has a degree in sociology and psychology, with a master's degree in Conflict Analysis and Management and in Communication and Public Relations. The Commissioner of Police has been involved in crime research and prevention since 2006, contributing to several road safety studies, including all annual editions of the Road Safety Bulletin. At the same time, Mr. Chiriac contributed to the realization of numerous researches and studies elaborated in the activity of I.C.P.C. - criminology, organizational psycho / sociology, organizational communication, etc.


Defensive management specialist

Mr. Silviu Moraru has 20 years of experience in the National Rally Championship, both as a driver and as a navigator. He won 28 rallies, has 2 titles of National Champion of Romania (2001, 2002) and 1 title of Absolute National Vice Champion (1994), also participated in the World Rally Championship in 2003, together with Titi Aur. He is currently a Master Trainer at the Titi Aur Academy.




Association of Traffic Accident Victims

Lawyer, with professional experience in the field of criminal investigation of traffic accidents, but also in the field of general insurance and damage assessment, Mr. Codescu also holds the position of president of the Association of Victims of Traffic Accidents.




Mihaela CÎRCU

Project Manager
Association for the Promotion of Insurance

Mrs. Mihaela CÎRCU is Project Manager within APPA-Association for Insurance Promotion - the NGO that developed the first national consumer information and education campaigns - and also Development Director of XPRIMM, a Romanian media company specialized in the insurance industry in EEC and EEA. Mihaela has 14 years of experience in the field of insurance and private pensions in Central and Eastern Europe. A graduate of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Mihaela is also a graduate of CII - Chartered Insurance Institute in Great Britain.



Gheorghe Gabriel OPREA General Manager at RM Alliance 

Mr. Gheorghe Gabriel Oprea is General Manager of RM Alliance - Mobileye authorized distributor in Romania. A graduate of the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics with a specialization in Computer Science, he is a Romanian entrepreneur and investor in technology companies in Romania. Founder of CSR (Romanian Soft Company-2001), national leader in software solutions for the medical field. Subsequently, RSC expanded its portfolio, being a reference provider for complex solutions such as Petrom Card or IVMS, technologies that facilitate the safe use and efficient management of the fleet. In addition to the businesses in which he is an investor, he has been involved in social projects within the University of Bucharest. Mobileye's interest is due to both the exceptional technology and the social impact of using ADAS-type systems.



Sales Manager VRM Romania
Henkel Romania

Mr. Ionuț Iordan is Sales Manager of VRM Romania at Henkel Romania, responsible for the Loctite and Teroson brands, both technically and commercially for the entire country. Professional training: road vehicle engineer, with 13 years of experience in the field.




Specialist in the Car Insurance Section

Bachelor's degree from the Polytechnic University, Faculty of Transport and Road Vehicles. He has over 10 years of experience in insurance. He is the coordinator of the automotive section at UNSAR in mid-2017.