24 noiembrie 2020


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The 2020 edition is marked by a pandemic impact on the financial services sector and in particular on financial education and national certifications, which continues despite social restrictions. Adapting communication messages to the online environment, transferring training and certification activities to platforms - are they enough to reinvent financial education in times of financial crisis and uncertainty? Financial education has become a long-term political priority in many countries and economies, and is recognized as an important complement to market conduct, prudential regulation, and financial inclusion. As of May 2020, more than 70 countries and economies around the world have been designing or implementing national financial education strategies. In October 2020, the OECD Council approved a series of recommendations on financial education - a unique tool for ministries, public authorities and relevant stakeholders in their efforts to design, implement and evaluate financial education policies.

  • What should be the financial education models designed to support consumers or companies in such times?

  • Can both the pace and the quality of the steps initiated by the market and the regulator to increase the degree of financial education be maintained?

  • To what extent can a unique and sustained process of assessing the professional competencies of insurance staff contribute to improving the relationship with the consumer of insurance services?

  • What alternatives exist internationally to increase the professionalization of financial markets - from similar experiences?


The Event is broadcast on ZOOM and on the ISF Facebook page



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The event will take place online on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 12.00.

12.00-12.40 Official speeches

Prof..dr. Nicu MARCU, ASF

Timothy Shakesby,  EIOPA

Flore-Anne MESSY, OECD/INFE presentation here


           Valentin IONESCU, ISF

Prof.univ.dr. Marian SIMINICĂ,  ISF

Prof.univ.dr. Dorel Paraschiv, ASE Bucharest

Adrian MARIN, UNSAR presentation here

Mihnea BĂRBULESCU, ERSTE Asset Management Romania

Alexandra SMEDOIU, CFA


12.40-13.30 Debate: Financial education - a national priority for the next decade (2021-2030)The session includes a debate on the proposal for a comprehensive, comprehensive plan for financial education in non-bank financial markets, based on OECD recommendations on financial education, adopted by the OECD Council on 29 October 2020. Experiences and proposals will be shared in the interactive debate. ideas on how financial education and training can support the financial resilience of consumers of financial services. Representatives of decision-makers, professional associations, practitioners and other stakeholders participate in the debate.

13.30-13.40 Launch of the Journal of Financial Studies

         13.40-14.30 Debate: News in the certification of insurance staff Following the emergence of legislative changes on training and financial certification in insurance, the debate proposes to discuss some practical aspects of the application of the FSA rule, starting from the experiences registered in the year of application of the old form. The debate is attended by representatives of the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Institute of Financial Studies and professional associations.



The Event is broadcast on ZOOM and on the ISF Facebook page



Nicu Marcu

Prof. dr. Nicu MARCU
President of