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Technological innovations are changing our lives faster than ever, alongside the increased speed of digitization and the amount of data processed that will continue to grow rapidly in the coming period boosted also by the SARS-COV 2 global pandemic context.

In this context, the need to develop and use strong and innovative digital capabilities in the financial sector is once again emphasized. Thus, promoting a data-driven financial sector will prove essential for stimulating innovation and competition.

As new and innovative digital solutions are implemented, the insurance industry continues its efforts to identify and implement the most appropriate technologies to enable consumers of insurance and / or reinsurance products to obtain quality services and products safely.

Increasing data availability could help insurers improve risk monitoring and assessment, provide a better customer experience and increase the detection of fraud attempts. The financial industry supports efforts to facilitate the proper use of data.

At the same time, customers expect having control over the sharing of their data while being assured that it is securely stored. As the intensity of cybernetic attacks has increased, in the event of a large-scale attack, questions about data protection systems and the capacity of back-up that companies have developed are raised.

Considering all technological, social and medical challenges, a suitable context for the need of continued financial education for existing and future generations, already familiar with the use of digital resources is created. All that remains to be solved is how to adapt the already existing information and procedures to the specific online tools.

The event will take place on Thursday, February 11, 2021, between 10.00 and 13.00.

To register, please send us an email to evenimente@isf.ro



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10.00-11.20 Panel I: Digitizing insurance-priority ZERO!

Theme panel 1:    
  • Digitization in insurance. Management of current activities by companies present in the market
  • Legislative priorities that will facilitate the implementation of digital insurance systems
  • Market profile perspective, pros and cons. Benefits versus losses. The time horizon in which the Romanian insurance market can align with European trends in this area
  • What is the effect of the implementation of digital systems in the current activities of insurers and brokers?
  • What is the response of insurance regulated entities to the escalation of the number of cyber incidents?
  • Insurance market trends in 2021 11.30-13.00


11.30-13.00 Panel II: Financial education - perspectives for the year 2021

Theme panel 2:
  • Financial education-perspectives for 2021
  • The OECD recommendations on financial education refer to the implementation of a unified plan of national measures and instruments on how financial education and training can support consumers' financial resilience. What is Romania's strategy in this regard?
  • The levers through which the degree of financial education can be increased among the young generation. The plans of the Ministry of Education / Universities / business environment in this regard.











Nicu Marcu

Prof. dr. Nicu MARCU
President of 



Mr. Nicu Marcu, President of ASF- In June 2020, Mr. Nicu Marcu was appointed by the Parliament of Romania President of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF). As President of ASF, he is also a member of the National Committee for Macroprudential Supervision (CNSM). Mr. Nicu Marcu's professional experience includes positions with management and coordination responsibilities such as Vice President of the Court of Accounts of Romania (CCR), Secretary General and Director of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF). Mr. Marcu also held the positions of President of the National Integrity Council, Director General of the General Directorate of Budget-Finance and European Funds in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development. Mr. Nicu Marcu also led, as President, the activity of the Commission for education, science, youth and sports in the Chamber of Deputies. With a didactic and research activity of 20 years in the field of economic university education, Mr. Nicu Marcu held the position of Vice-Rector and then member of the Senate of the University of Craiova, being currently professor of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and Director of the Doctoral School. Economics II within the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. A graduate in Economics and Law, Mr. Nicu Marcu holds a PhD in accounting. He is the author and co-author of several books and articles published in specialized magazines, both in the country and abroad.



Minister of Education


Sorin CÎMPEANU has been Minister of Education since December 23, 2020, in the government led by Florin Cîțu. He is Rector of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest - Faculty of Land Improvements and Environmental Engineering. Mr. Sorin Cîmpeanu was a design engineer at the Institute of Studies and Designs for Land Improvements from 1991 to 1992 and coordinator of the Experimental Center Periș-Ilfov, within USAMV between 1992 and 1999. After obtaining his doctorate in 2000, Mr. Cîmpeanu became an associate professor at USAMV and professor, in 2006. He is Vice President of the Center of Excellence in Research - BIOTEHNOL, and has held this position since 2003. Since 2012, he is a corresponding member of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences Agricultural and Forestry and general secretary of the National Council for Attestation of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates, and since 2013, president of the National Council of Rectors of Romania.



Ciprian Sergiu TELEMAN
Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization

Ciprian-Sergiu TELEMAN, is an entrepreneur, co-founder of the accounting-finance application Max Business and Accounting, dedicated to small and medium enterprises and since 2006 he is a consultant at Time Manager International (TMI), one of the largest training companies and consulting in the world. He started his career as a scientific researcher, being attracted by the fundamental part of research, especially that related to the use of information technology. He led research programs based on modeling physical-mathematical processes, participated in European research projects, being part of international teams. In parallel with the scientific activity, he participated, for ten years, in application projects in the area of ​​information technology to the interference with the educational one, carried out under the aegis of the Ministry of Education or of some private companies. In recent years he has worked in the field of business consulting for foreign investors in Romania, especially in the area of ​​human resources development, conducting numerous training programs.

Ioan-Sabin SĂRMAȘ
President of the Committee on Communications and Information Technology - Chamber of Deputies

Ioan-Sabin SĂRMAȘ attended the courses of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, during 2004-2009, becoming a graduate engineer in telecommunications. Subsequently, starting with November 2009, for 3 years, he attended the doctoral courses in telecommunications of the same university. Also in 2009, he completed his research internship under the Erasmus program at the Vrje Universiteit in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2012, Mr. Sabin Sărmaș has been involved in a series of digitization projects in various industries such as HoReCa, media, tourism, youth and culture. 2016 was the year in which he founded his own software development services company, Cicada Tehnologies, thus becoming known in his field of activity. Among the projects in which he was involved are those in areas such as loT (the internet of things), finance, automotive, telecommunications, aeronautics. Mr. Sabin Sărmaș was a local councilor in the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca, during which time he was actively involved in solving community problems, representing support for young people in the city and becoming a valuable politician at the local level.

of the Commission for Communications and Information Technology of the Romanian Senate


Marius HUMELNICU is a graduate of the master courses "Law and European Public Administration" within the Faculty of Law, "Danubius" University of Galati. In 2015, he graduated from the master studies "Safety and performance of road traffic", Faculty of Mechanics within the "Gheorghe Asachi" University of Iași. He also held the following positions: Councilor - Deputy Chief of Staff of the "Chamber of Deputies", Local Councilor within the Galați City Hall. He was also Secretary of State in the Ministry of Transport in 2015.

Valentin Ionescu

Valentin IONESCU
President of ISF, General Director - General Insurance Directorate ASF


Valentin Ionescu General Director of General Insurance Directorate ASF and President of Institute of Financial Studies. He has been active for 18 years in various private companies in the country and abroad, in the field of investments in the capital market. In the ASF he held the position of Director of the Directorate for Strategy and Financial Stability. He also held the position of Director of the Integrated Supervision Directorate (2013 - 2014) and Director of the Insurance Regulatory Authorization Directorate (2017-2019). The professional activity also includes positions such as General Manager of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Member in CA at Sibex, SIF Moldova (2012 - 2013) and Chairman of the Central Depository CA, but also international experience - Euro Invest Bank Gmbh Austria (Head of Sales, 2009 - 2010) and Wood & Co Czech Republic (Senior Sales Trader, 2007-2009). Mr. Valentin Ionescu graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Commerce, has an MBA from CNAM Paris and a Certificate in Finance from George Town University US. He is an active member of various committees of ESMA and EIOPA. Attends as a guest at the CNSM meeting

Marian Siminica

Prof.dr. Marian SIMINICĂ
Executive Director, ISF 


Professor dr. Marian SIMINICĂ activates at the University of Craiova, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, teaching courses on Economic-Financial Analysis and Financial Diagnosis of the company . He is a PhD supervisor in Accounting. He has a rich experience in university management, holding the position of Vice Dean of the Faculty (2008 - 2012), responsible for scientific research and quality assurance of education, as well as Dean, in 2012 - 2016. He was Vice President of the Board of the Association Romanian Faculties of Economics (2012-2016). He is a member of several professional associations in the economic field, respectively: expert evaluator ANEVAR, being General Secretary of the association in the period 2016-2017; expert accountant, CECCAR member; tax consultant, CCFR member. Since 2014 he is Vice President of the Romanian Society of Economic - Financial Analysis (SRAEF). Since 2017 he is a member of the CNATDCU Commission "Economic Sciences and Business Administration", and since 2018 a member of the Commission of permanent experts ARACIS, contributing to the external evaluation of numerous undergraduate and master's degree programs in economics. He has extensive experience in scientific research materialized in the publication of 7 books and university textbooks, over 60 articles in specialized journals, including 12 articles in Web of Science indexed journals, participation in national and international conferences, participation in scientific research contracts as a grant director or member of the research team. He is a reviewer for several Web of Science indexed journals and a member of the editorial board for several indexed journals in International Databases. The main research directions are: financial performance and business risks; sectoral economic-financial analyzes; business behavior research models.



Nicoleta RADU
General Director - PAID România


Nicoleta RADU, General Manager of PAID Romania (Natural Disaster Insurance Pool), is a professional with over 20 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience in various fields of activity. Ms. Nicoleta Radu has been in charge of PAID for over 8 years, during which time she managed to reorganize the company so that it could better fulfill its mission of strategic importance for Romania - that of offering homeowners the capacity to rebuild after a natural disaster. Currently, under the leadership of Ms. Nicoleta Radu, PAID has the largest reinsurance program in Central and Eastern Europe, worth 1 billion Euros. Mrs. Nicoleta Radu is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest and has a Master's degree in the field of "European Public Space", after attending the courses of the Faculty of Public Administration within the National School of Political and Administrative Studies Bucharest.

Adrian MARIN
Președinte, UNSAR
CEO, Generali Romania

Mr. Adrian MARIN joined the Generali team in 1996 as an underwriter and subsequently held numerous management positions within the company, from underwriting to damages, thus gaining in-depth experience of the key processes of an insurance company.
In 2008 he was appointed to the Board of Directors, as Executive Director, and in 2011 he took over the position of CEO of Generali Romania. Starting with 2014, Adrian Marin also became President of the Supervisory Board of Generali Pensii.
Due to an active and long-term involvement in the National Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania, in 2016 he was elected its President.