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Technological innovations are changing our lives faster than ever, alongside the increased speed of digitization and the amount of data processed that will continue to grow rapidly in the coming period boosted also by the SARS-COV 2 global pandemic context.

In this context, the need to develop and use strong and innovative digital capabilities in the financial sector is once again emphasized. Thus, promoting a data-driven financial sector will prove essential for stimulating innovation and competition.

As new and innovative digital solutions are implemented, the insurance industry continues its efforts to identify and implement the most appropriate technologies to enable consumers of insurance and / or reinsurance products to obtain quality services and products safely.

Increasing data availability could help insurers improve risk monitoring and assessment, provide a better customer experience and increase the detection of fraud attempts. The financial industry supports efforts to facilitate the proper use of data.

At the same time, customers expect having control over the sharing of their data while being assured that it is securely stored. As the intensity of cybernetic attacks has increased, in the event of a large-scale attack, questions about data protection systems and the capacity of back-up that companies have developed are raised.

Considering all technological, social and medical challenges, a suitable context for the need of continued financial education for existing and future generations, already familiar with the use of digital resources is created. All that remains to be solved is how to adapt the already existing information and procedures to the specific online tools.

The event will take place on Thursday, February 11, 2021, between 10.00 and 13.00.

To register, please send us an email to evenimente@isf.ro





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