16 November 2021

The Institute of Financial Studies in partnership with “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad invites you on November 9, 2021, at 16:00, to the SmartFIN@ISF Vocational Improvement Seminar. The seminar includes interactive presentations on the subject of career and presentations of case studies, technical and practical aspects in the field of insurance, capital market, pensions.

Special guests at the November 9 session:

PhD. Prof. Marian SIMINICĂ, Executive Director of ISF and PhD professor at the University of Craiova, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, teaches courses in Economic and Financial Analysis and Financial Diagnosis of the company and is a PhD supervisor in Accounting. He has a rich experience in university management, holding the position of Vice Dean of the Faculty (2008 - 2012), responsible for scientific research and quality assurance of education, as well as Dean, in 2012 - 2016. He was Vice President of the Board of the Association Romanian Faculties of Economics (2012-2016). He is a member of several professional associations in the economic field, respectively: expert evaluator ANEVAR, being General Secretary of the association in the period 2016-2017; expert accountant, CECCAR member; tax consultant, CCFR member. Since 2014 he is Vice President of the Romanian Society of Economic - Financial Analysis (SRAEF). Since 2017 he is a member of the CNATDCU Commission "Economic Sciences and Business Administration", and since 2018 a member of the Commission of permanent experts ARACIS, contributing to the external evaluation of numerous undergraduate and master's degree programs in economics. He has extensive experience in scientific research materialized in the publication of 7 books and university textbooks, over 60 articles in specialized journals, including 12 articles in journals indexed Web of Science with nonzero AIS, participation in national and international conferences, participation in scientific research contracts as a grant director or member of the research team. He is a reviewer for several Web of Science indexed journals and a member of the editorial board for several indexed journals in International Databases. The main research directions are: financial performance and business risks; sectoral economic-financial analyzes; business behavior research models.

PhD. Assoc. Prof. Laura Elly NAGHI, doctor in the field of Finance - Insurance with an experience of over 15 years in the field of professional training of adults. She completed postdoctoral studies at ASE Bucharest in the field of insurance. She has several books published in the financial field, BDI articles and participations in international conferences frequently. ANC authorized trainer, with international certifications, participated in the elaboration of professional training manuals specific to non-banking financial markets. She gives presentations at events organized in the financial market, including financial education projects among students (middle school, high school) and pre-university teachers.

Răzvan Alexandru POPP, 38 years old, economist, held the position of Head of the Transparency and Issuers Reporting Service, General Directorate - Financial Instruments and Investments Sector within the Financial Supervision Authority, the structure that ensures the supervision of issuers' reporting obligations and observance of the rights of shareholders. He graduated from the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics within the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, specializing in Economic Cybernetics. Since 2006 he has been working within the Authority with powers of supervision, authorization and regulation of the capital market (National Securities Commission, currently the Financial Supervisory Authority). With experience in the capital market for almost 15 years, he has operated mainly in the area of ​​supervision of issuers (companies admitted to trading). The debut within the authority was the structure of electronic supervision of transactions, on the position of specialized referent, respectively specialist. Subsequently, he held the position of Head of Service within the structure that ensures the supervision of issuers 'reporting obligations and respect for shareholders' rights (Issuers Investigation Monitoring Service), Adviser in the office of the President of C.N.V.M., Advisor in the Office of the Vice President of A.S.F. - Financial Instruments and Investments Sector and Director of the Appeals and Investor Protection Department.